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Investing Real Estate In Dubai

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

The Dubai real estate market has experienced tremendous growth over recent years, and this is all the more notable considering that the traditional real estate fundamentals are not what this particular market operates on. Many people are therefore wondering about the explanation for the bust that the Dubai real estate market is set for. Population growth may be a sound explanation, considering that Dubai’s population is about three or four times bigger than that of other developing countries all over the world.

Many investors are attracted by the opportunities that the Dubai real estate market provides. Shortstay renting is probably the most profitable way of producing money from Dubai real estate, because the rather high average rates that Dubai hotels charge per night have determined tourists to start looking for other options, such as a Dubai apartment or villa. Probably the best thing about the Dubai real estate market is that there is no tax on property transactions. In fact only the ones subjected to taxes are the oil industry, the banking sector, and the cigarette manufacturers. Under these circumstances, it’s only understandable why many investors want to have their own share of Dubai property.

Being the owner of Dubai property comes with a series of advantages, such as being able to apply for residency. Furthermore, foreigners who want to purchase Dubai property are not required to have a bank account in this emirate. The transaction itself is far from being complicated, but you should definitely consider seeking legal counsel before the transaction, and legal representation during it, given the vague nature of Dubai property transactions.

All in all, long-term profit form the Dubai real estate market is possible, but it comes with certain conditions. Although this market is hardly similar to traditional and more conventional real estate markets, there is one aspect that is true for all real estate markets alike, including the Dubai one: profit from property purchase requires thorough research prior to the actual investment. Those interested in purchasing Dubai property will definitely benefit from using the information available online about the Dubai real estate market.

Turkey Property Buying Guide

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Buying a property in Turkey is a great investment in your vacations and your future. With prices rising in Florida and Eastern Europe, Turkey is fast becoming the best place to buy property for vacations or investment purposes. The summers in Turkey last from March to November, making it the longest summer vacation spot, and perfect for renting for an extra income. Additionally, finding property for sale in Turkey is very easy to do.

Due to the growing demand for quality properties in Turkey, combined with new real estate legislation, natural disasters, and the age of the current properties, the prospect of new construction in Turkey is immanent. Within a few years, the prices for quality properties in Turkey will be rising. Now is the best time to buy a property in Turkey for investment.

The first step to buying a property in Turkey is to make sure that you have enough money to invest. The prices for property in Turkey are currently running between twenty thousand and one hundred thousand pounds. The price of the property really depends on location, age, and size. Until very recently, property in Turkey had to be paid for in cash. Since March of 2006, however, mortgage laws have been passed and mortgage companies have begun to work with Turkey property owners and buyers.

The next step to buying a property in Turkey is to contact real estate agents or owners of property for sale in Turkey. You can find properties for sale in Turkey by looking through Turkish newspapers. You can also find properties for sale in Turkey by going through real estate agents. Finding real estate agents in Turkey is as simple as doing an internet search for real estate agents in Turkey.

You may also wish to contact a solicitor. There are many laws and regulations that must be followed when buying a property in Turkey. Additionally, there are can be translation issues as well as important steps such as contracts to be signed. Having a solicitor help you with your purchase of a property in Turkey will help to ensure that your rights are being protected and that you are getting the best deal possible.

Another reason to hire a solicitor is to assist in translation issues. The contracts that you will need to sign in order to buy a property in Turkey will more than likely be presented in Turkish, especially if you buy from an owner directly rather than through a real estate agent. A solicitor can assist you in protecting your rights by having the documents translated into English.