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Poland Real Estate

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Poland’s inclusion in the European Union has had an impact on opportunities for livelihood. Better job prospects have resulted in economic boom. This in turn has affected real estate business. Individuals are turning to purchasing property for residential or commercial purposes.

After the Second World War, Poland was completely destroyed and rebuilding took years of time. Today, situation of real estate has improved as a result of its affiliation to European Union. There are a series of changes that have taken place. While Warsaw, the capital of Poland, remains the most influential and expensive city to own property, standards are not up to what they are supposed to be. Cities such as Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, are now distinguished as the urban cities in Poland.

Cost of the land ranges from $1250 per square meter to almost $50000 to $200000 per square meter in urban areas of Krakow. Subsidized rules, faster loan availability at reasonable rates have pushed up values of real estate investment in Poland. Warsaw alone has several new areas like Wilanow, where more and more properties are up for sale due to easy availability of different currencies. More and more individuals are turning in to realtors and providing competition for real estate deals.

With low taxes, politically stability and expert driven economy, Poland is all set to make a new come back in the real estate market. Property prices are already up and real estate market is looking quite confident and very power driven. This may become a better and faster market for real estate markets in future. Real estate market in Poland looks all set to make a great make over with cities such as Tricity, Lodz, Poznan witnessing an economic growth due to European Union.

Future of real estate in Poland looks very bright and promising. With infrastructure doing well, and war effects being over, real estate in Poland is all positive and forward looking.