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Sea Side Villa In Turkey

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Instead of fantasizing about an unobtainable Italian villa, consider a more realistic, and equally elegant option, a Turkish villa.

Purchasing property in Turkey may never occur to many people seeking a resort away from home but there are several reasons to consider a property investment there. One is that this is a fairly stable and relatively modern country with a pleasant climate, lots of ocean views, and an incredible history.

Turkey is on the Eastern Mediterranean, with parts of the country located in Asia and the rest in Europe. Because of its seaside location, it offers a comfortable, temperate climate from April to October.

At the moment, property costs in this resort environment are a bargain and the cost of living in the region is quite low.

Turkey real estate is an attractive investment at this point in time due to the current low prices in combination with the great potential for higher demand and price increases. Turkish villas may not be the most attractive getaway locations, but if you pick the right location you can really get a great deal for your investment.

Property in the large cities is approaching prices you find in other Eastern European cities. But when you compare villa prices in major cities like Ankara and Istanbul to those in towns such as Alanya and Belek, you’ll find comparable villas are only about 50% of the cost.

An investor can also consider Turkey real estate as a rental income source, a sort of do-it-yourself time share; except that you own the property, and reserve the time you want for yourself while using local services to rent it out as vacation property to others when you are not using it.

Many realtors offer attractive incentives for those who make buying trips there and purchase Turkey real estate on the visit. The incentives include huge discounts on housing and even substantial rebates or assistance on airfare.

It’s time to become familiar with Turkey and its rich history if you are interested in a unique place to retire, invest, or just get away from it all for awhile.

When you’re considering buying Turkey real estate, don’t limit yourself to just the big cities. Make sure that you get a sample of prices both in major metropolises of Istanbul and Ankara and smaller villages like Alanya and Belek.

Prices in these smaller centers can be as much as 50% lower, while still offering exceptional quality.

Turkey Property Buying Guide

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Buying a property in Turkey is a great investment in your vacations and your future. With prices rising in Florida and Eastern Europe, Turkey is fast becoming the best place to buy property for vacations or investment purposes. The summers in Turkey last from March to November, making it the longest summer vacation spot, and perfect for renting for an extra income. Additionally, finding property for sale in Turkey is very easy to do.

Due to the growing demand for quality properties in Turkey, combined with new real estate legislation, natural disasters, and the age of the current properties, the prospect of new construction in Turkey is immanent. Within a few years, the prices for quality properties in Turkey will be rising. Now is the best time to buy a property in Turkey for investment.

The first step to buying a property in Turkey is to make sure that you have enough money to invest. The prices for property in Turkey are currently running between twenty thousand and one hundred thousand pounds. The price of the property really depends on location, age, and size. Until very recently, property in Turkey had to be paid for in cash. Since March of 2006, however, mortgage laws have been passed and mortgage companies have begun to work with Turkey property owners and buyers.

The next step to buying a property in Turkey is to contact real estate agents or owners of property for sale in Turkey. You can find properties for sale in Turkey by looking through Turkish newspapers. You can also find properties for sale in Turkey by going through real estate agents. Finding real estate agents in Turkey is as simple as doing an internet search for real estate agents in Turkey.

You may also wish to contact a solicitor. There are many laws and regulations that must be followed when buying a property in Turkey. Additionally, there are can be translation issues as well as important steps such as contracts to be signed. Having a solicitor help you with your purchase of a property in Turkey will help to ensure that your rights are being protected and that you are getting the best deal possible.

Another reason to hire a solicitor is to assist in translation issues. The contracts that you will need to sign in order to buy a property in Turkey will more than likely be presented in Turkish, especially if you buy from an owner directly rather than through a real estate agent. A solicitor can assist you in protecting your rights by having the documents translated into English.